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WordPress is Ridiculous

November 24, 2013

WordPress must be “web 1.0” technology that has evolved to “Web 1.5” and then “Web 2.0” and finally to “Byzantine Piece of Crap”

I’ve discovered that sometimes if I tell it to start a posting, I get this complicated dashboard of options, other times I don’t. I don’t care whether I get it or not, just please don’t make it random. Other times I get a panel flipping out from the side, which I can’t get rid of. This is really laughable crap – it’s what happens when people write some solid basic code then go feature-mad for years trying to compete in pointless feature-races with other writers of pointless features. The result has no intellectual consistency – no central metaphor for publication – you just push and poke your way through pointless menus. Apparently, that must be how the code-monkeys at WordPress design software, too, which is why the system works this way.


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